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Blemya 15 years

History of Blemya - Luiz Pagano & Mauricio Bozzi - importing vodkas from Russia
Веда – русская водка
What is Blemya?

Through the representation of Blemya, Luiz Pagano personifies Brazil in relation to other countries in the world. For him, Blemya represents the Brazilian people, who are often perceived as different and sometimes even frightening in the eyes of the rest of the world. However, Pagano sees this difference as an opportunity for transformation.

Blemya, is portrayed as a little female monster, an evolved being, in perfect harmony between intuition and science, with the heart next to the brain. This symbolic representation illustrates the ability of the Brazilian people to unite emotional and rational elements, integrating intuitive wisdom and scientific knowledge.

By reframing the perception of Brazil, Pagano seeks to show that the country has the potential to achieve a harmonious social, cultural and scientific evolution. His artistic vision challenges stereotypes and highlights Brazil's ability to integrate different aspects and perspectives, seeking to build a better future.

Luiz Pagano is an explorer of Brazilian identity, a defender of Brazil's cultural richness and traditions. Through his art, he promotes the country's appreciation and encourages transformation, inviting us to rethink our perceptions and embrace diversity as a path to a brighter and more promising future.


In the year 1271, Marco Polo a Venetian merchant made a 24-year journey to Central Asia, of which he spent 17 years in Mongol-controlled China alone and served as a special foreign envoy to the great Kublai Khan - Probably had no idea that his adventures would change the world.

Upon his return, Marco brought no great personal riches, just a few trinkets, a handful of pearls, and gifts for family and friends. But the great treasure was not limited to these material goods - it was much bigger than that, he brought "Il Milione".

'Il Milione' the Italian for Million, was the name of the book detailing the events of the trip. Among his short stories, readers will find accurate accounts of this unknown land, such as the idea of paper money, the pasta, a great success in Italian cuisine to this day, among other things.

But there we can also find some absurd supernatural events and a surprising bestiary, including men with characteristics of dogs, eagles able to fly carrying elephants and 'the Blemias' - faceless creatures with their facial features on the chest.

Nowadays, the surface of the planet is no longer a great mystery, on average, more than 8 million people are flying all over the planet, we map every square centimeter of the earth - globalization, which grew massively in the 70s and 80s in the brought great benefits, but still, some great monsters are on the loose - xenophobia, racism, discrimination between the sexes, among others.

Ignorance seems to be the leader of these monsters, it's the worst of them all together - we need a good monster, bigger, stronger, able to overcome ignorance and all other monsters.

So, with the presence of this effective monster, called ignorance, we created a more effective hero: Blemya.

Blemyas belong to a race that evolved from humans, there are only asexual beings in the tribe, and they are individuals of brilliant intellect and high morals.

They are all so smart that they managed to survive in secret from the rest of humanity for millennia, helped humanity to reach the end of world wars and save us from nuclear armageddon, but the work ahead of them is enormous....

And then, the Blemyas give the tip on how to make their population grow:

Keep all situations peaceful;

Strive to know yourself - find out what your best version is and be that person;

There is no way to change the past, but from now on, only make decisions that make you have a happier Karma;

Don't judge people and situations;

See things from the other person's perspective - practice empathy;

Rise up;

Always stay up to date with the Blemya Blog (

You know the rest...

Our history

In 1997, I joined the Mauricio Bozzi, a great salesman and a great friend to create a international business company specialized in new product introduction, with some kind of difficulty in the market, named Bozzi & Pagano.

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In the initial years, business was really prosperous, Dynamic Cooking Systems industrial line, American competitor of Viking ranges had a representation agreement with us, and we also outsourced the sales team of Austrian energy drink Flash Power, while this category had not yet specific legislation in Brazilian territory. Our businesses were performing outstandingly at that point.

We felt privileged to have this big luck in business, we travel; we were always at parties, and on top of such great happiness we were always conjecturing how could we have a better world.

Mauricio was a very enterprising guy, focused on making money, but also was really dedicated to help friends in their needs. It was frequent for us to make a massive shopping in a supermarket for unemployed friends, or collecting some old clothing for donations. In 2008 we lived the boom of energy drink, we earned more money than we needed and we start to devote a relatively small portion of our earnings to help needy friends.
Blemyas over the years

Due to some of our own immature moments at the time, we were omitting from our wives these little 'spending with friends' and every time they asked about where was some given sum of money that we had won, we said that a 'little female monster' had eaten it, giving them the impression that we were spending money with an extramarital love affair.

Later, Mauricio started working as an employee of Flash Power and I tried to keep Bozzi & Pagano Company alive on my own. In April 2000 we tried to introduce a multi distilled cachaça in Brazil, and to export it to some countries that we had contact, but the business were not going well. One day I went to show this cachaça to a French chef of cuisine, friend of mine here in São Paulo... he made a frustrating assessment:

"Are you only working with this cachaça?" Asked the chef, I said yes and then he retorted "that cachaça is horrible, you'll have no future with her. I’ll introduce you to some friends of mine, who are behind a cool business here in Brazil."

And so, on a Monday, May 8th, 2000 I started working as an employee in the introduction of Veuve Clicquot in Brazilian market. On Thursday of the same week, I went for a beer with Mauricio to celebrate.

He was delighted to see me working with this brand and also with the help that such a great chef had given me. In the bar table, we spoke also about the cachaça company, which had little chance of success in the format it adopted and which one of the partners was a relative of Antoninho da Rocha Marmo, a holy child, responsible for numerous miracles in the city of São Paulo.

We recall the many people who we had helped in our prosperous times and we decided that if one day we return to prosper again, we would dedicate part of our earnings to research and development of intelligent mechanisms of humanitarian aid, and thus, our ‘little female monster’ would live again.

At that moment I remembered a dream I had, it was about a trip I’ve made with the family of Marco Polo, in which we’ve found a futuristic city of Blemias, headless monsters that had their faces on the chest.

The Blemias were part of a race that had evolved from humans, there were only women in the tribe, and they were individuals of bright intellect. In my dream, they were so smart that they managed to survive in secret from the rest of humanity for millennia, in a city on the heights with an ingenious holograms projector that disguise the whole city as a mountain.
Dream of Blemyas - Luiz Pagano's Agenda May 11th, 2000

These beings were helping humanity to achieve the end of the world wars, and to get rid of the Cold War in the 80s and 90s - the reproduction of the blemias, even in my dream, were a mystery too.

We decided that the name of this great social welfare company would be blemia, nothing more appropriate for a company dedicated to foreign trade, such as Marco Polo was, having a blemia as an institutional mascot. The blemia or Blemya, as we wrote, would be the company whose mysticism and kindness toward our society would be as big as the holy child, Antoninho da Rocha Marmo.

In 2007 I created a blog for the company Bozzi & Pagano and also for Blemya, once we could not have Blemya as a real company, we would make it live virtually.

My partner passed away in December 2010 and we never managed to revive the Blemya in its full form, at least in the design we had create that Thursday afternoon. But Blemya lives - the blog has had nearly 200 thousand accesses and much of our ideas, some pioneers, are widely discussed on the Internet.
As we've seen, Blemyas exists in only one gender, feminine. The reproduction of the Blemias is no longer a mystery, it happens when one man (the masculine form for mankind) helps another in a very genuine spirit.

For me it is a great pride go through with this project, I'm sure that someday we will live in a post-scarcity society, in which religions will respect each other, within the omnism principle, that we will understand that the concept of waste does not exist, and that our maximum proposal, that we are individuals that must interconnect, one to another, on this planet, with the spirit of fraternity and mutual help.

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