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Heroes of Bruzundanga by Luiz Pagano in manga format


ブルズンダンガの英雄たち Os Heróis da Bruzundaga - 原作 と 作画ルイス・パガーノ written and illustrated by Luiz Pagano

Herois da Bruzundaga Vol 3 - Mani Assum Preto and Viscount Quaresma

The following is an exclusive excerpt from the ficticious manga adaptation of series one of the brazilian comic "Heróis da Bruzundanga", written and illustrated by Luiz Pagano.

Assum Preto locates the terrorist actions

The Manga illustrations add psychological depth and disrupt the familiar narrative in these opening scenes, as Assum Preto and the team of heros are gradually introduced against a backdrop of Bruzundanga beset by mysterious deaths and terrorists attacks by the Cannibals Sect Tupi Rerekoara.

Assum Preto interrogates the anthropophagous leader of the Tupi Rerekoara

Below is an image of the complete collection of the Heroes of Bruzundanga in Mangá.

Assum Preto is a character created by Luiz Pagano based on the famous bird from the northeast (Gnorimopsar chopi), in the song by Luiz Gonzaga "...but assum preto, blind from oio. Not seeing the light, ah, sing in pain". Blind and nervous, the character intersperses moments of sensitivity and aggression, multiplied by his superpowers

These editions and their content are Luiz Pagano's projects for the Japanese market, continuing the adventure saga of the Tupi-pop heroes.

Several enemies will be revealed in the new editions, but the ants and thermites Fujoshi, once again, appear in the lives of our heroes

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