Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Maria Eugenia’ suitcases for Brazilian TV Show ‘Adotada MTV’

Maria Eugenia Brazilian TV Show ‘Adotada MTV’ and her 'Cameo' bags
Luiz Pagano was contacted by his niece Maria Eugenia Suconic, protagonist of Brazilian TV show MTV “Adotada MTV” (Adopted in Portuguese) to create some little faces that would be printed in suitcases and other objects that appear in the second season of the program.

"The suitcases could not carry only illustrations of her face,they should go beyond" describes Pagano "The drawings must carry part of her personality everywhere she goes ".

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To go on with the suitcases, the artist decided to use and adapt the ancient art of cameos.

The term cameo comes from the word "Kame'o" used in Kabbalistic language to designate a "magic square", i. e. a kind of talisman worn by ladies who commissioned artists to carve these pieces over shells.

The technique has since been undergoing through periodic revivals, at the beginning of the Renaissance, and again in the 18th and 19th centuries. The French neoclassical revival began with the support of Napoleon.

Why Cameo? - Responds Pagano "I can not use the term ‘camafeo’ (Portuguese for cameo) because shells are traditionally used as a basis for engraving cameos, in this case I replaced it with suitcases. I decided to use the cabalistic term 'cameo' as a way to wish good luck to my niece in this new season".

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