Friday, May 13, 2022

TUPI drink with Cauim and Mead


On this World Cocktail Day, May 13th - I created a drink 100% Brazilian, which unfortunately few, if any, can drink(…for now)

-1 shot of 100% cassava Cauim;
-1 shot of Dry Mead (Tukanaira) Melvin Seco;
- Decorated with Sateré Mawé Çapó guarana powder.

- ….
I baptize this drink with the name of TUPI.


I'm sure one of these days we can all unite and toast Brazilianness with Tupi


*Cauim is a project by Luiz Pagano that aims to bring to the general public the oldest Brazilian beverage, 100% fermented manioc (a kind of cassava) called CAUIM

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