Friday, August 3, 2012

Trans Global Highway

Large international projects such as the European Channel Tunnel, Suez Canal, Panama, or the Alaska Pipeline represented not only a great engineering effort, but also a big and challenging diplomacy issue to ensure that costs and benefits would be shared equitably. In addition, a bold geological survey must be done to ensure that the proposed tunnels and bridges locations are compatible with the tectonic plates.

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Imagine the planet Earth in medium distant future in which we have the entire planet linked by roads, trains and individual air transport system (know more . You could leave New York driving your own car and the final destination would be Paris. One of the most charming qualities of the floating island of Atlantis II, a Lilypad city, is the road that leads to it. Driving through US Highway 235 from Miami central ring to Key Mango on a sunny day is a memorable experience… especially if you drive a cabrio.

Each of these Lilypad floating cities (know more are designed to hold approximately around 50,000 people. A mixed terrain man-made landscape, provided by an artificial lagoon and three ridges. To sleep in the first part of the trip you could stay in the Submerged Hilton, about 360 kilometers from New york.

The Trans Global Highway project isn’t even close to happening anytime soon, but there is great value in future forward designs like the Lilypad floating city. They inspire creative solutions, which at some point, may actually provide a real solution to the super populated cities, climate change problem. Would generate new jobs, and the effort to create all the technology would be really useful to colonization of our solar system.

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