Saturday, March 5, 2011

Post Scarcity Symbol

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I’ve been tasked with creating a logo for Post Scarcity.

As a universal logo it must have elements of different cultures and beliefs, Chinese, Ancient Egyptian, Mayan, Christian, Buddhist, Pagan among others.

The circle around the logo symbolizes the spheres of universe, working together in infinite harmony. It represents the commitment of working, for and by the whole universe system.

The color burgundy or purple symbolize in many cultures wealth, success, and prosperity. It is indicative of ones potential power.

The saffron yellow color is associated with the robes worn by Tibetan monks of some Buddhist lineages, Chinese monks of Shao Lin and Hindu ascetics. And also yellow is the color of gold - it stands for great wealth.

By association, gold is also the color of nobility. However, although the historical Buddha was the son of a king, it is his Dharma (teachings and methods) that is considered most noble.

In a great part of Asia, the very soil itself is yellowish, so that color "refers" to our Earth. By extension then, yellow also symbolizes a basis, the Foundation.

Every component of a Prosperous Post Scarcity Society should be diverse as cells are diverse, and serve as every cell serve to a purpose. Each one of us is the best of universe at something; we just have to discover our special talent.

The circles connected to vertical lines represent cells connected to the webs of the universe, which makes together the Cornucopia of Plenty, a symbol of abundance, fertility, prosperity and well being. Every living being on Earth society has a purpose as well as in the body of any given living being every cell has a purpose

In summary, the logo reflects the ability to recognize abundance and make the perfect use of it. Through a greater harmony between values and behaviors, the logo inspires every man to be part of a greater prosperous society.

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