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Bio-engineered House (BEH)

With the advent of BEHs (Bio Engineered Houses) we would have abundance of construction materials and resources 
Biomimicry (from bios, meaning life, and mimesis, meaning to imitate) is an ancient concept recently returning to scientific thought that examines nature, its models, systems, processes, and elements— and emulates or takes inspiration from them to solve human problems sustainability. Scientific and engineering literature often uses the term Biomimetics for the process of understanding and applying biological principles to human designs.

Giant Mollusca will provide the “CACO3 coiled shells” prefab modular homes
The Eastgate Centre in Harare, Zimbabwe, typifies the best of green architecture and ecologically sensitive adaptation. The country’s largest office and shopping complex is an architectural marvel in its use of biomimicry principles. The mid-rise building, designed by architect Mick Pearce in conjunction with engineers at Arup Associates, has no conventional air-conditioning or heating, yet stays regulated year round with dramatically less energy consumption using design methods inspired by indigenous Zimbabwean masonry and the self-cooling mounds of African termites!

Giant Mollusca with its DNA specially altered to provide the “CACO3 coiled shells” prefab modular homes. The organic part of the animal is regarded as a delicacy, appreciated ind several high end restaurants
Outside air that is drawn in is either warmed or cooled by the building mass depending on which is hotter, the building concrete or the air. It is then vented into the building’s floors and offices before exiting via chimneys at the top. The complex also consists of two buildings side by side that are separated by an open space that is covered by glass and open to the local breezes.

The Eastgate Centre uses less than 10% of the energy of a conventional building its size. These efficiencies translate directly to the bottom line: Eastgate’s owners have saved $3.5 million alone because of an air-conditioning system that did not have to be implemented.

But what if we can develop a genetic engineered life form in order to build spaces to live, hoses completely adapted to the environment.
The Windows of "Blemya DRAGONFLY MOUND” will be made using DNA codes of termites wings,  resulting in a state-of-the-art stained Glass
Mitchell Joachim of MITs Media lab leads a team that is designing a tree house. Not a house that will be put in a tree, but rather a living tree that will be sculpted into a house. Obviously a house that is also a tree will have radically innovative systems for all aspects of living. Water would be gathered in a roof-top trough and circulate by gravity through the house, where it would be used by the inhabitants, filtered through a garden, and purified in a pond containing bacteria, fish, and plants that consume organic waste.

The Windows of "Blemya DRAGONFLY MOUND” will be made using DNA codes of termites wings,  resulting in a state-of-the-art stained Glass
This house would be completely self sufficient a so called Technogaia House (Technogaianism - a portmanteau word combining "techno" for technology and "gaian" for Gaia philosophy is a bright green environmentalist stance of active support for the research, development and use of emerging and future technologies to help restore Earth's environment. Technogaians argue that developing safe, clean, alternative technology should be an important goal of environmentalists).

With the advent of BEHs we would never be concerned about Construction & amp; Building Materials prices; all we have to do is to buy a BEH seed and let it grow. Obviously at some point of its growing genetic instructions will be given in order to stop it, unless you want a mansion.

"Blemya DRAGONFLY MOUND” - a giant mound constructed by genetic engineered termites could be used as a house
I am sure that we will see in the near-future projects like the “DRAGONFLY MOUND”, a giant house constructed by genetic engineered termites measuring around 2 centimeters called Megatermites. Houses with a highly effective oxygenation and natural air conditioning system. The windows will be made out of their altered DNA wings resulting in a state-of-the-art stained Glass.

"Blemya CACO3 coiled shells” -  The natural vascular system of the modified mollusk serve as electric conduits and water pipes
Giant Mollusca will provide the “CACO3 coiled shells” prefab modular homes that will take advantage of its natural vascular system as electric conduits and water pipes. And the semi-transparent nacre structure will give an extraordinary effect of lightening during the day and natural luminescence will give a natural and calm illumination during the night.

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