Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cool things you can do to travel and make money


Imagine you traveling to an exotic location, taking pictures or writing an article and at the end of it all, you have more money to do that again. Is that possible? Working as a travel writer or writer/photographer can be a wonderful part time or full time career! Lots of opportunities appear every second. A friend o mine is a talented National Geographic. How to find talent? Well, you need some inspiration….how about those photos to get inspired?
How to get started? Why don’t you try the National Geographic they will accept submissions for their contest beginning on the 15th of every month. NGS retains full editorial control over the selection of, and the decision not to select, any particular photograph for publication. Click on to see more. No more than 5,000 submissions will be accepted per submission period.


You don’t have to be the export director of a company to do business traveling, you may start as a sales representative of an import company in your country. Learn more about your product and be a good salesperson. Sooner or later you will be traveling. Working for companies such as Red Bull could be pleasant, you will learn some radical sport. Click on in UK or click on a Red Bull site of your country.

Language Translator

Earning money utilizing your language skills sounds absurd? Not for those guys, the more you travel, the more you learn, the more you teach. visit Berlitz Career Services website , the ideal place for you to obtain information about employment opportunities as an instructor within the extensive network of Berlitz language centers.

And the non-less respectable way to earn some money and travel is to be a street vendor, Silvio Santos, a well known Brazilian business entrepreneur start his business life as camelô (street vendor). Today Silvio Santos Group, is a Brazilian hold of 34 companies lided by the Brazilian midia-man Silvio Santos.
The group also control the Panamericano Bank, the Baú da Felicidade, the Tele Sena, the Teatro Imprensa and many other investiments.
The annual revenue of Silvio Santos group ins about R$ 1,5 billion (U$ 750, million).

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