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Toy Art Gang of Lampião

Virgulino Ferreira da Silva (Serra Talhada, June 4, 1898 - Poço Redondo, July 28, 1938) - King the ‘cangaço’ (of the highwaymen), known as ‘Lampião’ (fire lantern), and his wife ‘Maria Bonita’ (Beautiful Maria) - (Paulo Afonso, March 8, 1911 - July 28, 1938) formed the most attached and feared couple of the ‘Sertão’ (hinterland).

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Lampião blends all the qualities and defects of the heroic bandit and was once considered the Brazilian Robin Hood by Time magazine in 1931, imbued with legend, of course. Until the age of 21 he worked as a craftsman, was literate and wore reading glasses, features quite unusual for the area and poor backwoods where he lived. One of the versions about his nickname is that he modified a rifle, allowing you to shoot faster, and the muzzle heated up so much that shone giving the appearance of a lamp. We highlight the bravery and heroism and courage and firmness Lampião Maria Bonita, even going through all kinds of difficulties, and remained united with the hope of a quieter life, away from crime and away from guns. although perverse, wanted to be seen as a good man. Lampião is known as the Robin Hood of the Brazilian interior, who robbed farmers, politicians colonels and colonels of the season to give to the poor, miserable, starving and struggling to support families with many children.
Lampião Toy Art

He was a devotee of Padre Cicero and brought with him a rosary and a statue of Our Lady of Conceição, respected their beliefs and advice. The two met only once, in 1926, in Juazeiro.

In several cities they invaded he went to church, and left rich donations, except for St. Benedict. "Who ever heard of a black saint?" He said, demonstrating his racism. Superstitious, walked with amulets scattered around the clothes. He was shoot seven times and lost his right eye, but he believed that he had a closed body (his body and soul was fully protected).
Maria Bonita Toy Art

His girlfriend, and Maria Gomes de Oliveira, known as and Maria Bonita, joined the band in 1930 , like other women in the group, she used to dress as a bandit and participated in many of the actions of the gang. Virgulino and Maria Bonita had a daughter, Expedita Ferreira, born in September 13, 1932. But at the same time that caused fear in people, he was respected; he was a bandit, but was also an authority. And that’s precisely how it was in people's memory: the figure of the warrior, strategist, intelligent, loyal and honest. The band of Lampião was surrounded and killed in Angicos, Sergipe, members of the gang were beheaded, their heads was displayed as trophies on the staircase where today is located the City Hall of Piranhas (AL).

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