Monday, March 7, 2011

How Linkedin would help to perfectly place professional

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Based on the assumption that each person is the world’s best in a particular subject, worldwide-business-oriented social networking site such as Linkedin will be the perfect tool to locate and to employ the best professionals possible at the best position.

More than just allow registered users to maintain a list of contact with details of people they know and trust in business, replacement software will analyze candidate’s skills to create a GRePS (Graphic Representation of Professional Skills). As fingerprints those GRePS are unique and allows the candidate to experience professional plenitude.

Lets see how it will work:

Mr. Miyamoto Shintaro lives in Tokyo and is currently looking for a job. His experiences encompasses managing Human Resources department, recruiting, training and supervising the F&B teams, as well as creating supporting material. Systems update (Micros, websites) is also part of the routine. He speaks Japanese, English and Italian.

He keeps his profile in Linkedin perfectly updated. The GRePS program generates an specific key that matches perfectly to an open position at an Italian Company.

Mr. Miyamoto was very excited with the prospects of working in Rome, but he lacks the Erasmus Exchange Program, course required by the contractor. He immediately inscribed ate the course and after 6 months he will be “perfectly” qualified to the position.

Thanks to the GRePS Software Mr. Miyamoto and many others around the world would find the perfect workplace, helping Earth’s society to reach post-scarcity Era.

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